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United Tutoring

Welcomes You!

"Helping students reach their full potential and giving them the confidence to conquer the world with their talent!"

- United Tutoring

About Us

We Are a Non-Profit Organization

Unfortunately, due to the remote learning setting in many areas across the world, the quality of education has depreciated. United Tutoring is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping children that have been seriously affected by such. Unlike most other tutoring services, we offer group classes, co-cirricualars, extracurriculars, and high school courses to the AP level in addition to our K-8 services in addition to our 1-on-1 academic tutoring.

If you are interested in helping others, you can volunteer with us today! Spots are available for "behind the scenes" positions and tutoring.


Our Services

We offer a wide range of educational opportunities from group classes and individual tutoring in standard courses for K-8 in English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar), Mathematics (problem-solving, real-world application, number theory, function exploration, etc.), Science (topics are Next Generation Science Standards based), and Social Studies (critical thinking, comprehension, writing skills, application & analysis).

We provide both group classes and individual tutoring for high school students too! If you are in need of help in your science class we have tutors for you (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)–and yes, AP levels too! Tutors can also aid you in your higher-level mathematics courses (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1 or AB, and more to come), Essay Writing (synthesis papers, rhetorical analyses, literary analyses, and more), English Literature & Shakespeare, history (we have AP & Regular HS Levels), plus much more!


Attention 8-12 graders! 

PSAT & SAT classes are out! We are so happy to bring this opportunity to you!

Attention Non-Native English Speakers (... Who Speak Spanish)!

We have English classes for you to learn English as a second, third, or maybe even fourth language in middle and high school (if you are in elementary school you can take the classes alongside with native English speakers)!

Tambien puedes aprender classes de Espanol a Ingles!

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